Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Eagle Animation Tests

Character sidekick development

Decided initially to make the sidekick a little girl who was either a sibling etc to the hero character however figured that it would be more interesting to make her villain sidekick. she is a little girl originally from the planet earth who wound up on the villains planet. The villain adopted and changed parts of her to be robotic and help aid her. She is fast agile and can be a trickster and fool the hero at times leading him into traps etc. 

Eagle Uv texturing and test renders

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Character: Hero designs 2

Some variations of an initial design, of the hero character as a bulky guy who wears animal skins/fur, long hair, and in touch with nature as oppose to technology. 

Friday, 15 November 2013

Character: Villain ideas 2

some more villain designs for the cyborg queen character based off of initial drawings. most designs include her having long medusa-like/ H. R Giger-esque cybernetic pipes for hair, with possibly vicious robotic snake-like creatures on the ends. they would probably hold some kind of fluid to keep her alive etc.

H . R. Giger Reference :

Portrait of Barbara M. I - H R Giger

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Final Eagle Model

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smoothed in cage

smoothed side view

feet detail unsmoothed

feet detail smoothed

beak detail unsmoothed

beak detail smoothed

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Eagle Modelling Process - Body, Feet

 Modelling the feet - I modelled the feet in a similar way to how a hand is modelled in the Hand modelling tutorial .

Maya: Hand and arm tutorial

Complete arm and hand 

Unsmoothed close-up

Smoothed close-up

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Character : Charater influence maps and updated idea


Heroes Quest: To defeat Robot Cyborg monster Queen who is threatening to destroy Heroes planet for being in her eyes an inferior race and wants to wipe out humans. 

In a desperate attempt to save the planet without drawing attention to it, [government] asks a leader of a rebel spy group, who are opposed of the creation of robotic beings with humanistic abilities and looks and want them stopped. They are sent to sneak past 

Villains Planet: Techno Cyber Punk world. Very advanced technology.

Heroes planet: Human planet, futuristic earth. Many of the population have embraced advanced technology, [where they have begun to create robots which intimidate? Cyborg planet - queen fears humans are becoming too powerful and will take over her planet. Some of the planet has rejected the new technology advancements and has turned back to natural ways of living. Living among nature etc.

To defeat: Travel through space to the distant planet heavily armed by powerful cyborg soldiers. Destroy the Queen by breaking her circuits using a combination of; primitive skills - Brute force, and intellectual mind to tamper with technology to sneak into her domain. 

• Save planet, return with Queens [prop] . 

Character Profiles

Hero: Rebel Leader - against the manufacturing of robots with human intelligence/in the image of humans. Strong leadership skills, good speaker. Ignorant and unskilled to using technology. Tough guy. 

SideKick: Robotic Being - possible Android? -built to build and repair super computers /government work etc. Highly intelligent, monotone voice and lacks some emotions but is capable to communicate in general conversation and can develop (only) friendly connections with other beings. 

Villain: Cyborg/Rototic Queen - possible design choices: GlaDos, others.