Monday, 26 November 2012

secret lair maya progress

making the staircase

the egg chamber under the stairs didn't fit in properly when modelling. so i made the area into more of a cave.

have the basic shapes down at the moment..

just to see how it looks so far, without blue gradient background getting in the way

wire frame

top view - area in the bottom left is looking a little bare

Friday, 23 November 2012

Development of final concept

My previous final concept was pretty messy and unfinished, so I've worked some more on the final concept, to give a better idea of the structures shapes etc. And make it easier to figure out how to model.  


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Maya work so far..

I had a go at making some orthographic drawings of the hero prop and modelling it in maya. the drawings didn't work out properly perspective wise, etc. but managed to make something..

Sunday, 18 November 2012

hero prop thumbnail development

Trying to make the hero prop a bit more statue-like, to make it seem a bit more grand, something that people would worship and look up to -  and less of just an ornament. heres a thumbnail working on it. 

i used the image on the left as influence for colour, and texture, and i thought the shapes in the left statue was similar to the shapes im trying to use to make up my hero prop.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Maya: Common Shaders





Glass - couldn't get this one to work out


Glow 2

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Thumbnail development #2

 i havent really been thinking about interesting camera angles, so iv'e tried to do another sketch with a bit more of an interesting angle..and ended up with a bit of a different design not sure wether to have this structure as it is in thumbnail 1, or bring it down and have some more structures above it.



Hero Prop designs

hero prop designs. id settled for number 3 initially, although doing a few more designs is making me change my mind...i think 3 would definitely be easier to deal with in maya though

Hero prop influence map

An influence map showing my thought process behind making the hero prop. i've looked at various asian statues/idols e.g. buddhist statues. I've thought about turning some silhouettes i'd made for structure ideas, and turning them into a religious statue for my character. Number 6 is the design i had chosen, as it would be a bit simpler to model, and i thought it was a nice simple and hopefully memorable idol design.

Secret Lairs: Thumbnail development for final concept

Some development of a thumbnail I decided to go with. i took my creative partners' advice to arrange the eggs the way the character might treat since i think my character treats them with a lot of care, yet they are being made into workers at some point. so ive layed them out the way i originally planned to, and arranged them alien style..yet being nurtured in the safety of a pool under the bridge above.
hero prop has been made larger and is tucked into a structure to the right.

I feel like i could go ahead and develop this space for my final concept piece...






Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Secret lairs: frogspawn designs

I wanted to give my character's eggs a bit more of an interesting design, instead of just a pile of frogspawn/random eggs. I was initially thinking of making the eggs arranged in a similar way to the layout of the alien eggs from the films Alien and Prometheus. However when putting that idea into a thumbnail I found that it didn't work for that particular space. 

Ive thought now about making them shaped into more totem pole-like shapes, (design no. 2 and 3). Ive made a sheet of different ways the eggs could be layed out.
Frogspawn ideas

figure 1

figure 2

figure 1: Prometheus egg room
figure 2: totem poles

Secret lairs: research into character

Life Drawing: 13/11/12

1: 30 minute pose
2: 30 minute pose
3: 5 minute poses

Secret lairs: Thumbnail sheet

Another set of thumbnails..i definitely want some sort of staircase or bridge in the scene.