Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Secret lairs: frogspawn designs

I wanted to give my character's eggs a bit more of an interesting design, instead of just a pile of frogspawn/random eggs. I was initially thinking of making the eggs arranged in a similar way to the layout of the alien eggs from the films Alien and Prometheus. However when putting that idea into a thumbnail I found that it didn't work for that particular space. 

Ive thought now about making them shaped into more totem pole-like shapes, (design no. 2 and 3). Ive made a sheet of different ways the eggs could be layed out.
Frogspawn ideas

figure 1

figure 2

figure 1: Prometheus egg room
figure 2: totem poles


  1. it would be interesting to do it based on the characters attitude towards the eggs? so say if the character cares for the eggs she places them carefully in rows trying to nurture them but if she is just someone who doesn't care and is just like oh another egg lets just chuck it onto the egg pile with the other hundred eggs. I hope that makes sense :)

  2. I agree with George I think your characters attitude towards the eggs is important to how you should lay them out, also how much focus do you want on the eggs do you want it to be the main focus or just something that fills the space.