Sunday, 30 December 2012

CGAA speed paint . Megaliths of the Mistletoe queen

Was looking at the easter island heads for a little inspiration - so i made the structures actual statues of the queen.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

CGAA Speed Painting Challenge #1

"Christmas Tree Jungle"

5 minutes each were spent on these before developing for a further 10 minutes each.

I think i'm most happy with this image

Monday, 17 December 2012

Zoetrope Animation

First attempt at creating an animation for a Zoetrope. i've learnt that bold colours/black outlines would make this animation more successful as the faint lines are hard for the eye to pick up on. Following feedback from the crit, if i worked on this again i'd make the background darker so i can still keep the delicate lines. 

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Final Render Secret Lairs

Creative Partnership continued..

From George: 
8 seems to stand out to me most as i can see there but visually i like 3

it would be interesting to do it based on the characters attitude towards the eggs? so say if the character cares for the eggs she places them carefully in rows trying to nurture them but if she is just someone who doesn't care and is just like oh another egg lets just chuck it onto the egg pile with the other hundred eggs. I hope that makes sense :)

Nice stuff Vikki this seemed to come out really well

haha yeah exactly what jake said I love how you've made it some kind of nest to keep the eggs in and it's looking more clear and clean. A good piece of work coming along!

looking good cant wait till its complete

From Vicky:

I really like 4... i can see the bridge being the top thing and one of the boldest foreground to mid ground elements... but It can help to enhance the life below with the frogs and spawns. :D Nice work! :D

I can't get over how nice this is!!! I like the staircase and how it creates the rooms character... along with the couldron and hero prop. This is amazing - good luck for Maya! :D 

Hello! This is looking amazing! You're doing such a good job - keep it up! I like the original texturing too :D 

From Kym:

I agree with George I think your characters attitude towards the eggs is important to how you should lay them out, also how much focus do you want on the eggs do you want it to be the main focus or just something that fills the space. 

looking good so far :)

To George: 

i do like 7, its awfully cute! but i think that 10 would suit your character more, a bit more masculine, a bit more bulky and such. :)

....though, thinking about superhero masks from superheros in comics etc, the masks are usually similar to thumbnails1,3,5,7,9.

looking at 1, i like the way the turned up nose area makes the lines look almost abstract - i think it would be cool to see an abstract tiger design on 1

i think 1 would be a good hero prop to go ahead with. :)

this is looking good. i like the paintded look of your concept . look forward to seeing it maya-fied. good luck : )

this looks good i like the lighting you've added, good luck in maya . :)

To Vicky:
I really like the far right top and bottom thumbnails on page 2, they are looking very 60's! good angle too :) i think the bottom one is cool that banister across the top looks like it could be made out of metal, tying in with your robotic character? keep it up! :)

image 3 looks like it could be concept art for cabinet of dr caligari! really cool :)

pretty :) i like the lighting coming from those lights!

To Kym: 
looking good so far, yes that cloth looks really nice, keep it up .:)

Secret Lairs Crit Presentation

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Life Drawing 11/12/2012

drawing a sequence of poses while the model moved around the room
2 minute poses
20 minute pose using chalk and chalk pastels
30 minute pose using paint and chalk pastels
10 minute pose

Secret Lairs Orthohraphic drawings

hero prop orthographic

 Set Orthorgraphic

Monday, 10 December 2012

Maya adding shaders

added a gold shader to the hero prop and some rubble on the left hand side of the scene, to add some colour and make the hero prop stand out more.  
how it looks in the scene so far

i  didnt think the original egg shader i was using worked very well or was very appealing to look at, so i changed it to a glass shader as shown in the maya tutorials. 
adding raytrace options
adjusting sky attributes, etc. to make less dark 

changed the shadow colours to a greener colour. here is the glass shader applied to background eggs also

some maya texturing

I did automatic mapping for the banisters

I decided to try out a painted texture onto the eye-like balls on the staircase  

i opened the uv map from the texture editor into photoshop
and applied the painting from my concept art

adding a lambert and choosing the file...

how it looks in the scene

doing the same to the other ball

how it looks in the scene

I think they look kind of out of place at the moment, but i think when i add a glow and lighting, it'll blend in better.

Secret Lair UV Mapping the bridge

creating a planar map for the top part
aligning the uv mesh
creating a planar map for the cove area

aligning uv mesh

rotated mesh for the texture to be the right way up

back in the scene