Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Koi Reunite Render V.2

Depth of Field render testing 2

In one of my scenes I planned to have a depth of field effect that shifts the focus from one koi to the other. This was not really working out using the depth of field mode in maya so I rendered out the koi on separate layers and faked the effect a bit in after effects.

Original Playblast

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Crane's Nest Fan: Rendering experiments and playblast

The final fan world location 
scenes taking place:- (re-thinking my final scenes)
- Crane dropping Male koi after snatching him in real world, and dropping him in with the female koi. 
- Koi and Koi reunited, curl up
- Ending camera panning

Monday, 27 April 2015

Blossom Dynamics: Blossom Tree Lantern world & Blossoms drifting into the Crane fan

Compositing Test 2

Testing out putting a scene together again, to see what needs to be fixed later on

Surface Shader background layer: Track matte: Alpha Matte.
Fan Layer (rendered on its own layer): Blending Mode: Silhouette Luma

Order in Project Timeline:-
-Koi Layer (rendered on its own)
-Simple overlay for Surface Shader layer
- Fan Layer (rendered on its own)
- Background (rendered on its own)

Depth of Field Tests

For the scenes with the Koi jumping out of the fan etc it was discussed with tutor Phil a little while back to add some depth of field into the Antique shop scenes. Some tests are below. I used a basic guide to Depth of Field 


Sunday, 26 April 2015

Butterfly Pt.2 Progression

Butterfly Progression Screenshot

More Butterflies flying through the room progression. It's been a very slow process trying the get the butterflies to work right for the scene. This is what i currently have.

Getting the speed right: Rate of 150, goal weight keyframed twice, from 0.08 to 0.2.

Adding Camera movement

Adding the Koi

Butterfly tests: Flying out of the fan

Some dynamics tests for the butterflies that fly through their fan (the butterfly pond) and into the antique shop. I've changed the emitter rates in different tests - I am after an effect that looks not too out of place and overload of butterflies, but also a realistic amount that could potentially carry the Koi along with them.

Test 1: Emitter rate: 50

Test 2: emitter rate: 70

Test 2: alternate angle

Test 3: Emitter rate: 100

Test 4: Emitter rate: 150

Friday, 24 April 2015

Butterfly Pond updates - Koi swept away by butterflies playblast

Butterfly screenshot

Testing motion blur

Animals leaving their fans - Playblast tests and reworking staging ideas

Some playblasts that need some work doing animation and camera wise

videos 2 and 3 are the animals leaving their fan worlds and entering the real world. Where the painted fans are, I plan on using animating cameras zooming out to give the effect of the animals leaving a world rather than flying through a painted texture. For example:
1) A backdrop for when the crane leaves the fan. (will be put in place using after effects as tested out before in a previous post) The only worry is getting confused with the amounts of layering to be done in after effects using this. Will be making a list of everything to be done soon.

2) Crane Flies away with the female koi into his nest fan.

3) Koi leaving his fan (incorrect texture again) trying to give the effect of him jumping into different ponds, thinking that changing the staging of the shelves and fans for these scenes would work better..

4) Testing out animation and a camera following the Koi bouncing off of a tree branch.

The Koi in the Koi Pool - Crane Attack Playblasts Continued

Female Koi in Cranes mouth

Koi preparing to jump out the fan and save her

Butterfly Pond: Some Playblasts

A distant establishing shot set up

Closeup of a Butterfly touching the shallow pond

Koi drops into the butterfly pond (koi texture needs to be swapped) - TEST 1

Koi - Refining animation pt.1

Koi - Refining animation pt.2

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Cherry Tree and Butterfly Pond Environment Updates

Some updates on environments. Ive been working on trying to recreate the final scenes' environments, trying to keep them simplistic enough to stand out against the antique shop. Later i'll be working in after effects to add the painted fan effect.

Where this scene belongs: This is the penultimate fan scene in which butterflies (originally small birds) carry the koi out and into the Large lantern (final 'fan world').

Where this scene belongs: This is the first world the koi enters (4 in total..including the Cranes nest.), coming before the Butterfly pond.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Crane Grabs Koi Scene Refining

Added in the scene: Wave Deformer to the water geo plane.  Didn't want to over do the waves however.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Koi Grab Scene Testing Playblasts

Staging Screenshot

I think that the 2 tests below are on the right track. number 3 looks like it needs slowing down a bit to show the Koi's reaction etc. Another camera angle is also probably needed  i.e. quick cut from when the crane hits the water to test 1's camera angle, then quick cut back.

Update: Testing the two camera angle cut away.. A bit jumpy and too fast at the moment

Friday, 10 April 2015

Motion Blur Render Test

Motion Blur: Full
Motion Steps: 1

Motion Blur By: 5.000
Displace Motion Factor: 1

Thursday, 9 April 2015

@Phil Flying Animation Tweaks + some more animation updates

I've made some tweaks to the animation and camera work so far and in particular on the flying sequence, following tutor Phil's advice, trying to get the Crane looking a little more fluid and more birdlike,

below is test #2 of the flying scene (I think the neck still needs some work?)

also some short berry eating sequence tests: 1 with a large to scale berry, and one scaled down to look more normal in comparison to Crane - I thought the larger berry would make the crane appear more greedy and less sympathetic although i'm not sure how important that would be here

-This is before Crane spots the Koi swimming in their fans from a distance-

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Playblasts: Opening Scene, Fans opening and Crane flying

For the scene with Crane coming out of the fan: the plan is to get the effect of him stepping out from his animated fan home. So hopefully this can be achieved through using after effects masking, and rendering out on different layers etc

Friday, 3 April 2015

Experimentation: Animated Fans using After Effects

After Effects set up for test #2

I'm at the point in my Animation where the fans should start to come to life. Below is a test video using temporary renders using layer styles

The effect is pretty much what I had in mind, although it looks very obviously stencilled out (where the original fans would be). Not sure the best route to take yet. More experiments to be made soon

Test 2
Using 'Track Matte' and adding a fan layer on top of the pre rendered fish scene to keep the illusion of it still being on a fan (low quality at the moment)

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Basic Photoshop/After Effects composite tests

 Testing out different brushes and layer styles in Photoshop and After Effects to  see if a more painterly effect for the 'fan worlds' can be achieved in post production, or is further texturing experiments are needed 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015