Thursday, 9 April 2015

@Phil Flying Animation Tweaks + some more animation updates

I've made some tweaks to the animation and camera work so far and in particular on the flying sequence, following tutor Phil's advice, trying to get the Crane looking a little more fluid and more birdlike,

below is test #2 of the flying scene (I think the neck still needs some work?)

also some short berry eating sequence tests: 1 with a large to scale berry, and one scaled down to look more normal in comparison to Crane - I thought the larger berry would make the crane appear more greedy and less sympathetic although i'm not sure how important that would be here

-This is before Crane spots the Koi swimming in their fans from a distance-

1 comment:

  1. Hey Vikki :)

    Yes - those little changes are already helping a lot in terms of bringing the crane to life more effectively. I think you should explore the use of motion blur on the wings perhaps to augment their fast-flapping moments. In terms of the bird's tail feathers/back-end, I'm wondering if you can import a little 'shake' sometimes - a quick little wiggle - a bit of fidget, just to keep him nice and alive?