Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Playblasts: Opening Scene, Fans opening and Crane flying

For the scene with Crane coming out of the fan: the plan is to get the effect of him stepping out from his animated fan home. So hopefully this can be achieved through using after effects masking, and rendering out on different layers etc


  1. Hey Vikki :)

    Just a few observations; watch your framing: for example, when we focus on the clock, notice how your cropping the bottom of the clock with the bottom edge of the frame - why not just put the clock nice and centrally? Also, in terms of animation, your crane's neck etc. would display secondary movement etc. I know this is a play blast and you're probably working on all of this, but you'll need to bring more life to your bird in terms of its flight. In terms of those opening shots, I don't like the interruption of the camera; wouldn't it be simpler and more controlled-feeling if the shot is continuous, more gracious and ends with the set-up on the shelving unit?

    1. Thanks for the feedback Phil :) Oops that clock framing, i'm not sure how I missed that. Agreed, i've made some changes to the camera work, Cranes flying is a little tricky to get right but is in process :)