Friday, 24 April 2015

Animals leaving their fans - Playblast tests and reworking staging ideas

Some playblasts that need some work doing animation and camera wise

videos 2 and 3 are the animals leaving their fan worlds and entering the real world. Where the painted fans are, I plan on using animating cameras zooming out to give the effect of the animals leaving a world rather than flying through a painted texture. For example:
1) A backdrop for when the crane leaves the fan. (will be put in place using after effects as tested out before in a previous post) The only worry is getting confused with the amounts of layering to be done in after effects using this. Will be making a list of everything to be done soon.

2) Crane Flies away with the female koi into his nest fan.

3) Koi leaving his fan (incorrect texture again) trying to give the effect of him jumping into different ponds, thinking that changing the staging of the shelves and fans for these scenes would work better..

4) Testing out animation and a camera following the Koi bouncing off of a tree branch.

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