Monday, 29 September 2014

Minor Project - helpful words

1) Family Stories

Grandad K  - working in the theatre/ as a guitar player / Growing up

Grandad H - Things i never knew

How grandparents first met


2) Projection - projecting ideas of e.g. fears onto an object e.g. a doll, / dollshouse / Projection onto a fantasia style animation.

3) Grandparents christmas pop corn / train display

4) boxes of photos

5) old travel diary


Story driven / List formation / Fantasia style

Possible imagery etc. .

Identity - Mirror imagery, masks, doll?

Iscolation - Barren landscapes/ empty spaces

Peace - blooming flowers etc

Sprialling shapes

Friday, 26 September 2014

Influece images

New ideas..
Character design and animation. 
creating a creature design, inspired by mythological beings etc to create either a monster or a god like creature, for example. A monster reaking havoc on a city or god character defending/using a magical power. 

Animated short ideas. . animation around the idea of being in an isolated place - trying to get out..

Cat animation short - based around my pets e.g. who think they are jungle cats etc.

A moving environment idea/ animation...

Developing an environment as if it were inside a characters mind e.g. a character from folklore - e.g. Little Red Riding hood; and using a (common?) psychological studies which essay writers have written on the character and use that as a base to create what might be going on inside the characters mind.

Below are example images from 'Alice Madness Returns' which treats the original story as if it is all tragic memories in Alice's mind.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Minor Project: Further Ideas..Secret Lairs

Another idea for my minor project would be to create a 'Secret lair' similarly to the project in year 1 - For a made-up goddess / princess / Head of something i.e Yubaba's Bathhouse in Spirited away, or the Goddess Aphrodite's bedroom in God of War.  I was thinking of creating a character as a concept drawing and backstory, And aim to build a Digital Set for them as if for an animated film environment.

Ive made a few strips of paper with different combinations to come up with some ideas:

Desert dwelling Shaman
Woodland Inventor
Ancient Greek Surgeon
King/ Queen of Underworld
Parisian Spy
Aztec Prince/Princess
Amphibious God/Goddess
Egyptian Apothecary
Mountain Dwelling Priest/Priestess