Thursday, 15 November 2012

Secret Lairs: Thumbnail development for final concept

Some development of a thumbnail I decided to go with. i took my creative partners' advice to arrange the eggs the way the character might treat since i think my character treats them with a lot of care, yet they are being made into workers at some point. so ive layed them out the way i originally planned to, and arranged them alien style..yet being nurtured in the safety of a pool under the bridge above.
hero prop has been made larger and is tucked into a structure to the right.

I feel like i could go ahead and develop this space for my final concept piece...






1 comment:

  1. I really like thumbnail number 1 in terms of its watery feel - and I think the spacing out of the eggs in that image does help them 'read' as eggs. It does seem to me however, that maybe the eggs need a bit more staging - a dais or an enclosure - maybe they sit slightly into a curved recess in the ground? Right now, they do look a little as if they've been left, as opposed to nestled - I can't help wondering - in terms of composition - if this is the strongest view - perhaps if you raised the camera up so we were looking down at the floor, and maybe down into another slightly recessed egg-chamber? At the moment, thumnbnail 5 is a bit like looking into someone's hallway - with a collection of bowling balls under the stairs...