Friday, 16 November 2012

Secret Lairs: Greenlight review 16/11/12

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  1. OGR 17/11/2012

    Evening Vikki,

    I really like the latest iteration of your lair; you worked quickly in response to the last bit of feedback re. the point of view and now this reads much more convincingly as a space, with a greater variance of levels. The addition of those vines really bring the scene to life too - and now the precious eggs seem much less like someone's left their marbles on the hallway floor :)

    The only thing I'd take another look at is the flatness your hero prop - I don't know, it seems more like jewelry than a powerful effigy. I just think a few more thumbnails and a more sculptural approach to it as a 'special object' might lend it a bit more gravitas!

    I look forward to seeing how all of this progresses over the next few weeks :)