Sunday, 4 November 2012

secret lairs: character influence map

Below is an influence map for what my character, the amphibian god might look like. I've some images of amphibian like creatures from film and games included. 
also in my influence map are a couple of 'frog gods' from mythology, including Heqet, the ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility. 

I was thinking about making my character a goddess, based off of Heqet. I think that because of the fertility/childbirth association with Heqet, that it would be appropriate to have it a theme in my lair, e.g. frog spawn stored in her lair, Alien style.


  1. love the idea of the 'frog spawn'! In terms of architectural reference, maybe you could take the idea of the lily-pad as a starting point, especially:

  2. ohhh I love the images you've used her especially the different variety of styles and the amphibians that you've used the top left one seems to have some kind of alien look, very cool :)