Monday, 29 October 2012

Space and Environment: Secret Lairs (Amphibian God)

Secret Lair...Amphibian God

                                                   'Amphibian God' suggests some sort of giant monster creature. 

The first ideas that come to mind of how the 'lair' might look, is a damp, dark, sticky cave-like area. The egg room from Alien came to mind.

another idea perhaps is that this is a more graceful creature - so more green, warm forest like surroundings might be his home. 

Here is an influence map of initial ideas for the lair. 


  1. And so it begins! :)

    I think there are some actual 'frog gods' out there in particular cultures? Take a look...

    1. Will do, egyptian goddess Heqet was the first to pop up. ill do a little more research

  2. this is looking cool I got Sumatran Super Hero so mines based in rainforests and swamps so our kind of lairs seem similar in a way :)