Thursday, 18 October 2012

Cinematic Spaces: Digital Thumbnails

A couple more paintings, of the 'Catherdral built by nature.' i thought the colours worked well in the top image, although it seems a little cramped and not very spacious in this one. I might make the centre tunnel bigger, and more detailed.

This image is a bit rougher and id found that the rock shapes i was drawing looked a little too big, although i thought the water appeared to guide the eye into the distance in this one, which i thought worked quite well. So i may come back to this one.


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  2. oops deleted commented cause it said i posted it twice o_O but i guess not. I said the colours are beautiful!!!

    1. Thank you Lucy! :) its quite fun to play around with colours i think :D

  3. I agree about the colours. I like how the top image has a spectrum of colour within it and how it creates a nice atmosphere and mood within the environment :)

    Also in the second image, I think the composition is interesting as the stalactites act as a kind of frame for your image. Also the background lets the mind wander freely about what else exists beyond the aspects that are presented in the image, like how you described the water acting as a 'guide' to the eye :)

  4. These digital thumbnails are great, it is clearly visibles which sketches you have developed, and the colours really illuminate the pictures, appearing almost alien. Excellent work.