Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Cinematic Spaces: Drawn Thumbnails 28-33

These are my set of thumbnails for the final excerpt in King Solomon's Mines. Here, the characters come across a rom with a secret stone entrance, which rises into the ceiling as the witch-like guide triggers a secret lever. In this room, are three large stone chests of treasure. A lot of action happens in this scene, such as one of the characters being crushed under the secret entrance as it closes, and the characters are unable to escape. I wanted to capture the aftermath of the actions taken in this part of the book.

"...and, standing in a bloody ooze, began to feel up and down the door and the sides of the passage. But no knob or spring could we discover."

I wanted to include the blood on the floor, to give more of a more ominous feel about the room, since this area is known in the book as 'The Place of Death'.

For this image, I think I should use a lot of shadows, with just a small light source, as described towards the end of this excerpt.

I had a little bit of trouble trying to come up with images here, as I found there was more action than description in this particular part.

Below is excerpt #3, where I have highlighted descriptions which i have used to create these thumbnails.

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