Monday, 1 October 2012

Cinematic Spaces: (Solomon's Mines) Drawn Thumbnails 1-9

Here are my first set of quick thumbnails based off of the King Solomon's Mines.  
most of these thumbnails are based off of a particular scene in which the characters approach 3 'colossal statues' named The Silent Ones. 

In the book, the statues are compared to 3 gods; Astarte, Chemosh and Milcom. I am currently doing some research into these gods to get a better understanding of how they might look.


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  2. Hey Vikki,

    Number 9 stands out to me. I like the use of space and I like the positioning of the statues and how there is a kind of 'plinth' in the middle of them. Without knowing much about your scenes, It immediately makes me think of a huge scale of an open room with limited light that has colossal statues towering over the other objects or people with in the space :)

  3. Hey Vikki,
    Great work on the thumbnails, they really give a clear aspect of the scene and the scale of the sculptures. I feel that sketch no. 2 isn't as clear to me as the rest, but no. 5 and 9 clearly portray the sculptures as overpowering, connoting a god like status to the subjects.