Saturday, 13 October 2012

Cinematic Spaces: painted Thumbnails

Here are some Thumbnails for the 'place of death' scene in my excerpt.
I've played around a little with watercolours, to make a few thumbnails, to see what effects i could get. I was just looking at colour really, and to have a bit of a guide when moving on to photoshop for this scene.  When taking a picture of the watercolour, the camera flash left its mark behind, i decided to keep it in as it makes for a good water reflection texture. 


I took this image into photoshop, and started painting over it. Ive tried to break away from the symmetrical layout that i had done in most of my thumbnails in this scene. I tried to keep in mind that this area is described as 'a cathedral built by nature'.


Ive kept on developing this thumbnail, adding in a rust texture, and a misty atmosphere with the light source coming from the ceiling. In these last two images, ive stretched the canvas and in the bottom image, ive just filled the space with a reversed image in of the same thumbnail, just to see how the overall composition would look with the canvas enlarged even more.




  1. Oh wow! At first I thought they were watercolours! I like how soft your artworks are, yet you can clearly see what the image represents : ))
    Keep it up!

  2. Agreed, Vikki - these are exciting images - so much atmosphere - and thumbnail 3, in that striking widescreen format really begins to feel like a 'cinematic space'! Good stuff :D

  3. Hi Vikki, these are really nice images. Lovely atmosphere, I agree with Phil about No3 it shows the power of that widescreen format when an artist utilises the space well.