Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Cinematic Spaces: Developed Thumbnail

Heres a developed version of the thumbnail below, done in photoshop. I chose this image to work on, as I found this particular angle to work well, and shows the statues size. I've widened the canvas and moved the foot to the right, and ive painted in some sketchy mountains and tried to include statues in the distance. Id like to work on this image further, but for now id like to try to develop a few more thumbnails through photoshop. It also gives me a chance to practice digital painting outside the friday lessons.


  1. Hey Vikki :) nicely atmospheric - love the tones and the textural qualities of this; in composition terms, I can see your already thinking about a more dynamic use of your background elements. Because Photoshop is very flexible with layers, you might also want to explore the contribution that some immediate foreground might make - something on the left of the image that we're 'looking past' to encourage a very spatial experience; of course, it might be too much, but then that's the joy of layers! 'Delete'

  2. Hey Vikki,
    You created a great atmosphere to the image, and it is clear you've thought of composition for the image. Great attention to detail, it really gives off a sculptural theme to the object, I feel that the background may need a bit more work to portray mountains, although it works well as clouds.

  3. Hello vikki :) I really like the composition in this image, the human form compared to the sculptured image of the foot does express proportion and the sense of distance and space very well. In terms of tones colours, it does create a great atmosphere and would look nice with added detail to the mountains in the background in the developmental process. I also reckon adding a bit of mist would compliment the mystery and suspense that this image creates.