Saturday, 6 October 2012

Cinematic Spaces: Information on my Excerpt

King Solomon's Mines

I Haven't given an introduction to my story yet, so i'll talk about it on this post.

From reading my extract, I have learnt that the story involves 4 characters, who are accompanied by an old witch-like guide, are travelling in search of the legendary King Solomon's Mines.

In the first part of the excerpt,  the party of 4 enter a large cave in-between 3 large mountain peaks. In my thumbnails so far, the characters see 3 large shapes/figures in the distance. when they come closer, they find that they are in fact enormous statues, guarding the entrance to a large cave entrance, behind them. They are described by one of the characters as 3 ancient gods: Astarte, Chemosh, and Milcom. 

 I have watched the 1937 film, for some inspiration and to get a better understanding for the story.  unfortunately, when it came to this scene in particular, the films interpretation of the statues were not as grand and colossal as described in the book. Although i did get a better understanding of how the 
surrounding rock might look.

below is a clip which shows the statues (0:10 - 0:26)

In the first part of the extract which includes this particular scene, I have highlighted the descriptive information which has helped me to visualise how this scene might look:

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