Saturday, 6 October 2012

Cinematic Spaces: Drawn Thumbnails 10 - 26

Here are thumbnails 10 - 18, and 19 - 26. In set 11-18 I have still focused on the 'Silent Ones' scene. I have tried to follow Phil's advise in going for a subjective point of view to make the statues look much more colossal than in my previous images. 

My creative partners have given positive feedback on thumbnail 9 from my previous post (below) so i will go back and work on some similar compositions, and try to develop that a bit more.

Thumbnails 10-18

Thumbnails 19-26

thumbnails 19-22 are still playing with perspective and trying to find a good composition which will showcase the size of the statues. 

In thumbnails 23-26, i have begun doing some quick sketches for the second main scene in the exerpt; The characters have gone through the entrance behind the statues, and have come across a large cathedral like building, 'designed by nature'. I dont think i will make to many more thumbnails for this part, as there are more visually interesting scenes that are in the extract, but i wanted to make some up 
anyway as the cathedral idea is still quite interesting.

Here is the second part of the extract, where i have highlighted the descriptive information on this part:


  1. Hey again Vikki,

    I just caught this post before I went off, There's 3 more that really stand out to me here;

    14 - I like the interesting position the statue is in, and could provide an interesting focal point for your concept. Also, with a foreground element, a nice background and some interesting lighting you could have a strong idea for a final concept.

    17 - The way you have drawn this really makes the image stand out to me. I think that it would provide for an interesting foreground element for a painting.

    25 - The composition is interesting and has a nice perspective which can make you feel as if you are walking down the passage way behind the huge statues :)

  2. Hey Vikki :) Some really exciting developments here - and I'm a big fan of No 17 - with the giant toes, and while this now cuts out lots of information in regard to the environment, I think this is an audacious idea and perhaps you could now consider developing a wider/taller composition from this one - maybe by taking it into Photoshop and creating an extended drawing from this one?

  3. thank you jake, i think 17 could be a cool idea also, id like to go ahead and do what phil has suggested and develop that one and a few others a little more in photoshop. :)