Thursday, 22 September 2011

hand studies

drawing hands from the 'drawing heads and hands' book and 'imagine fx -anatomy' magazine



  1. I really like that almost-carved looking hand drawing on page 4 - so, about your animal then, Vikki? Let's see some images on here - and some speculative thumbnails. Be sure to make the most of your sessions tomorrow; you'll be working with Phill Hosking to get into digital painting and new ways of visualising your ideas. Enjoy it!

  2. Hey Vikki, I'm Alex your 2nd year Mentor for as long as you need me. I’ll be checking your blog just to make sure your on track and if you have any queries about anything with your unit, or anything creative you can do a saying @Alex and I’ll check it out and try to help anyway that I can

    Phil’s right I also think your life and anatomy drawings are really cool. So keep that up definitely. I would say however when to scan or take a picture on phone of your drawings play around with Photoshop, like cropping your images so you don’t see the black spaces and turning brightness and contrast up to make your outlines more vivid and bolder. Or better yet scanning is actually the best way to go 

    Post post POST! It’s always a bit hazy when you first start uni, but seriously to sooner you learn to keep up to date with film reviews and Maya the better because later it will become a big burden on you to finish everything before crit day. ( Believe me I have been there many a time :s)

    So post anything to do with your unit and creativity in general. If you are struck with anything and need help or direction you can email me if you want, and I’ll do my very best to get back to you as fast as possible. But even better I am literally always in uni, mostly in the CG room next to the base room, so come talk to me whenever. And have fun with this unit! Its more relaxed and fun then you might think ;)

  3. Hi Vikki - okay, this Tutorphil 2012/13 (as opposed to the last comment left here which was back in 2011 - see below - the so-far activated blogs of your new class mates - you need to add them to your reading list and maybe leave a comment to introduce yourself and say 'hi'.

    Shannon Mason @
    Jake Bryant @
    George Hind @
    Alex Edmonds @

    Also - you might just want to give your old blog template the boot and spruce things up for this brand new start.... :)

    1. Hi Phil,
      thank you for the message and email. i've got some work ready to put up, so i'll get to that shortly :)

  4. Hi there Vikki,

    I am pleased to say that you have been lumbered me as your mentor. I see you have already had a brief introduction to the CG Arts experience. As Phil suggested above it would be a great idea to start with a clean fresh slate with your blog. One thing to bear in mind is to think about your font the one on this blog is quite hard for old eyes to read although I'm sure it is fine for you young 'uns :)

    The drawings that you posted last year show promise and a willingness to learn the fundamentals of draughtmanship, which is great, also they are pretty solid drawings.

    It would be really great to see your progress on the summer project. If you need any tips, pointers or whatever then just drop me a line on

    or on my blog


    P.S. I am one of UCA's technical tutors, so you will have me for Maya tutorials on Fridays as well as a few other things.

    1. Hi Simon,

      Thank you for the welcome, haha yes ill fix my blog up as soon as possible :) it's a little messy, i've never really used blogs before. I'll be sure to get my summer project work up very soon!

  5. Hey Vikki,

    Looking much cleaner.

    The key to blogging is to not be scared of putting work up, jump right in and get posting, you are quite lucky that CGA is one big happy family, although we aren't all hippies. This means that if someone is showing an interest in your stuff then you are going to get quality feedback, so there is no need to be intimidated.

    Also a little and often approach can work quite well, so that at the end of the week you aren't faced with a hefty upload and typing session, if you do that then blogging will almost become effortless. Another advantage of posting regularly is that any feedback you receive will be relevant and in a time frame where you can react, make changes etc.

    In terms of actual blog layout, what you have is fine and dandy, I would make some adjustments to the column widths but that is my personal taste.