Thursday, 30 August 2012


I've done a few sketches of machines, developed from a few of the silhouettes. 

 I quite like design 1, i like the idea of long skeletal arms on it. I also like the idea of making it run on a rail. It kind of reminds me of robots from the game portal. 

 I quite liked the idea of the machine having a window like face. and generally giving it human characteristics. so i've given design no.3 arms and a human like torso, which now reminds me of half of a transformer. 

Over all i think design no.1 is my favourite so far, I think its the most striking out of the 4. So I might develop that one further


  1. Yep, there's something pretty creepy about thumbnail number 1 - something about those long 'kiddy catching' arms, I think - certainly worth developing further! (stuff of nightmares! - and that's a compliment!).

  2. Hi Vikki! These are looking really cool, I like how I am able to take a guess at how the machines could work/manouver :D I particularly like 2 and 4. 4, even though very different in appearance actually reminds me of the little robot in WALL.E which is always whizzing around cleaning the dirt off the floor. They have a lot of personality to them.

    One tip I'll throw your way would be about trying out different ways to lay out your posts because this is a big factor alongside your main blog template in creating a professional and polished looking blog.

    Even if it is that you just have one image and then put the annotating about it underneath like a caption rather than alongside it so that it doesn't look like it's floating about strangely.

    You can also take your images into photoshop and play around with the brightness/contrast setting to make your images really pop and get rid of bad lighting or pale line marks due to the scanner/camera.

    Hope that helps, look forward to seeing you in September! :)

    1. Hi Emma :) thank you, i'll try to work on that! i look forward to meeting you :)

  3. Number 1 and 3 are very strong, as Phil said very creepy,3 looks like it is crawling towards us, automatons with malicious intent or are they seeking some sort of release.

  4. Hey man!

    Some pretty cool stuff here - I don't need to reiterate what everyone else has been saying.

    You're at the stage where you could think about making the design more organic - your result don't need to be a literal ensemble of the pieces; simply inspired by them!

    Great work ^_^