Saturday, 4 October 2014

@PHIL Minor project

Origami ideas

Research: The 1000 Cranes

An ancient Japanese Legend, which says that those who fold 1000 paper cranes will be granted a wish from a crane. Some believe you will be granted eternal good luck or a long healthy life. The crane is a mystical creature in Japanese culture, That is said to live for 1000 years.

The Crane is now an international symbol of peace, which came from an inspiring story based around a girl called Sadako Sasaki - An atom bomb survivor. She heard of the crane legend and began to make 1000 paper cranes, in order to wish to be well again and to live. She made 644 cranes, until she realised, after seeing other children dying, that she was going to pass away soon. So she aimed to wish for world peace instead. After she died from leukaemia, her classmates finished the cranes in her memory. 

“I will write peace
on your wings
and you will fly
all over the world” 


 Sick girl makes origami figures. She makes the Cranes, attempting to make 1000. She becomes too sick and [writes peace symbols] in the wings of the cranes, wishes for them to spread peace. and goes to sleep. In the night, the figures come to life and fly out the window. They spread out and (

narrow down to one crane? the crane returns to the girl, who has passed away. The crane climbs into her hands to rest with her forever. 

Paper Dolls

 A paper doll book is in [a girls room] [a shelf in a shop] [given as a gift to a young girl] but the girl doesn't want it and gets tossed somewhere. the page falls onto a paper doll . The doll and clothes are an old fashioned collection. The doll looks around, and pops out of her book and goes to steal the other dolls paper clothes out of their books. She has to climb up to their shelves. She tries them on, and finds that she looks just like the other dolls. She soon finds that the girl wants to play with her now and becomes her favourite.

[period of time passes - years?] and the little girl has gotten bored of the fashion dolls and [chucks them out/ or something] and plays with the older dolls again. quote on the back of her says something like ‘be yourself’ etc . 

Paper Fans

There is a shop selling painted fans.  The fans show different illustrations- A solitary bird, a mountain, the ocean, the sunrise. 

The bird is alone and has nothing to do in its fan so it escapes and looks for adventure..

The ocean fan invites the bird to come and live with it. The bird flies over into the ocean fan but nearly drowns from the waves.

The mountain fan invites it, but the bird is too cold and almost freezes.

The sun fan invites it but almost burns from the heat.

The bird gives up. Then a fan with trees and other birds see the bird beaten up. they come to rescue it and bring it into their fan where it happily lives.

not so literal paper design stories - signify delicacy etc

paper train - A conductor travelling through weathers to deliver …something (gift to another?) through different seasons.  Snow causes train to get wet and dampen, sun causes something to catch fire, wind blows train off tracks, autumn leaves cover train in leaves etc.
when he arrives ... gift is severely damaged but paper doll girl loves him for coming all that way. / (as a train conductor he can only stay for a short amount of time before he has to leave again)

other thoughts.. 
board game come to life
Ice Skaters
paper dragons
paper aeroplane
Ice skater.  - an alternate version of the red shoes?
an animal living in a jungle..


  1. Hey Vicki :)

    I think the paper fan idea has great potential! Not necessarily as you've constructed it there, but I like the idea of one thing from a fan wishing to be in the world of something else... I can see how that could be very beautiful - maybe think about a stronger, simpler story that takes that central premise of 'wishing to be somewhere else' or grass is greener or similar. You've probably done this already, but go an look exhaustively at as many actual fan designs as possible - I'm thinking Japanese fans would give you a lovely production design aesthetic...