Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Test renders for new scene

Some test renders and poses of a new scene to be added to the animation

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  1. Hey Vikki :)

    So - just in terms of relaxing about the visual purpose of your animation: because you've got water, transparent, layers, shadows, silhouettes and patterns in your world, I think you can really embrace the potential of pattern and a kind of flattening effect; we talked about a few artists who use simplification, shape, silhouette and line to create nicely graphical qualities in natural forms - so for example: Lucienne Day and Angie Lewin; you might also be interested in Charley Harper - in terms of gaining the courage to think about your natural spaces and sequences as simplifying into sequences of pattern and repetition :)

    Also - just enjoy the Nutcracker suite from Fantasia - it's a lovely example of how 'realistic' or recognisably natural components combine to create a dazzling display of pattern and rhythm - so becoming more abstract along the way - so a sort of transitioning from the real to the abstract. The other really important factor is the music - and synching the action on screen precisely to the 'instructions' in the music:

    And remember - spend time - lots of it - on creating some compellingly beautiful animation cycles for your fish and crane; they are the stars of the show :)