Sunday, 14 June 2015

Business Card designs

I've been working on putting together some business cards - I am currently thinking of using rendered stills from the koi and the crane as the front. 

Ive also made a sheet of 'back of card' designs, but i've settled for the pink one as below for an example image for now.

 Also am unsure wether to use several designs, or go for 1 single business card design.. Below are the designs so far

business card 1

business card 2

business card 3

business card 4


  1. I like number 3! and from layout page I like 6 : )

  2. Use all the designs! They're beautiful. As for the back of card. I like 1 and 2! :D

  3. For me - design wise it's cards 2, 3 & 4 - and personally, I like the simple darkish pink backs - very demure!