Thursday, 27 September 2012

Life Drawing Week 1

 These are my three sheets of life drawings. The first were quick 30 second - 1 minute drawings. I found them a little difficult as mistakes I made couldn't be fixed within the time given. although i think that that wouldn't be much of a problem if i used softer pencils.  

This sketch was all about capturing the space around the model. 

I enjoyed doing this sketch the most, as there was more time to add shadows and detail, and therefore make her look a little more three dimentional.


  1. Hey there Vikki,

    great to see your life drawing up here, and not a bad beginning. Things you might wish to consider are line weight and proportions. In regards to line weight try and draw with a fluid stroke from the elbow almost to the point of locking the wrist, a line should flow continuously from beginning to end you can adjust the width as by increasing or decreasing pressure in order to accentuate form, rather than lots of little sketchy lines.

    Proportions are something that requires a little bit of research and come from study, observation and practice, there are many good figure drawing books on the market place but anything by Lomas is highly recommended.

    What subject(s) did you pull from the Little Blue Box? It would be great to see any research/ preliminary studies that you have got going on. A little warning as it were these weeks can go really quickly (scarily so actually :))Looking forward to seeing what you going on.

  2. Hello Vikki,

    How is the Space and Environment unit coming along? As you probably know, we are creative partners and we have a green light review on the 11th coming up soon. Part of the criteria for our presentation is to present our active creative partnership.

    If you have any work to upload post it up (Trying to get others to post their work up as well) so we can all start conversing, or if you'd prefer get together in our group when everyone is available that would be fine too :)