Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Life Forms

Here are some designs for lifeforms, i quite liked the bug designs. the spider/fly creature in the middle was my favourite, i decided to detail that one a little more. (below)

i carried on using pencil for this creature, and had a go at adjusting it in photoshop. 


  1. Hey this looks really nice I especially love the shading and lighting that you gave it on Photoshop it makes it stand out much more.

  2. Hey Vikki,

    the legs and eyes on this critter are really effective, I like the way it is creating a snare for some poor unfortunate. It is often a good thing thing to consider how a creature behaves when designing it.

    1. I think I'm the poor unfortunate - it just gave me the creeps.
      Thats a good thing :)
      Don't forget to number each sketch, otherwise people have to say this - really like your sketch on the first sheet, the top left corner one, like an escaping carnivorous plant
      Great work