Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Fantastic Voyage Thumbnail Animatic 1

An initial thumbnail animatic to get an idea of how it will play out, once i get a draft script finished it will be easier to storybord properly, though this animatic is how it might look visually. i think more forced perspective shots would be better afer looking at it again


  1. Hey Vikki :)

    Well done on getting this first draft up on here: I know it's only thumbnail, so what I pick up on here might already be addressed in your head, so forgive me if I state the obvious etc.

    Yes - absolutely - you need to make much better use of forced perspective, but also the rule of thirds in terms of making that 16:9 aspect ratio really pop cinematically. You've got a lot of implied symmetry and one point perspective here - which does make us feel as if we're propelled towards a goal, but it also has a slightly repetitive effect too - as if we're being rushed along a corridor. You certainly need to think about making most dynamic use of these environments; it does feel as if we really want an experience of dropping down into that 'canyon'; you might want to take a look at this to help encourage you re. upping the scale dropping the viewpoint a bit:


    I don't like the 'pull back' from the nucleus dome shot - just because it suddenly reverses all the forward momentum you've built up previously; this reverse is a bit jarring - try and keep your camera moving forwards always - or at least not backwards.

    It's not clear from this thumbnail re. the text elements - at one point they appear - 'Cilia' - but then other elements are not named. Labeling conventions in your highly cinematic world are going to pose a delicate balancing act in terms of readability and style and integration.

    Sound: okay, I can imagine the sound of a busy classroom fading up even before the audience sees the exercise book, and then as the book starts to change, that real world sound effect fades out to be replaced by the 'whooshing' of our entry. Indeed, the sound design for your landscape is going to be a big part of your responsibilities - and you need to think spatially about sound - for example, how being within the canyon will be more echoey than above it; the 'sound' the various organelles make as we first draw close to them (humming with energy) and then pass by them. You need to think very imaginatively about soundscaping your innerspace - it should be as three dimensional as the images!

    Music? So, yes, you'll have the sound of the world, but are you going to give us somekind of exciting score in addition, and if so, what sort? Very filmic? Ambient? Again - when it comes to the pitch, you'll be wanting to bring some of these components together to really capture what you're trying to achieve.

    And finally - I think you should try and avoid in your presentation animatic using illustrated camera moves; in order to convery how fluid and filmic your piece is, I suggest you really seek to unpack your shots so we have more drawings and more nuancing of what is actually happening in those shots and complex turns.

    Oh and something else for you to look at in relation to the 'otherworldly' feel of your environments; this was produced by a CGAA year one student a few years back:


    Notice the floating camera - great control - and notice too how he uses black to transition smoothly between different scenes; you might want to think about using this technique to 'break' that 'rushing down a corridor' element of your film - i.e. that you use transitions like these to 'change direction' and also cut down too much repetition.

    1. Thank you for the feedback Phil :) Those are all good points - and i'll start checking out a soundtrack, I had in mind to have some kind of ambient score i think, i'll check some different styles out to see which might fit.