Monday, 4 March 2013

Fantastic Voyage thumbnails

I'm thinking of focusing on the Eukaryotic Cell structure so far. I have some thumbnail designs for a few different parts of the cell, I looked at the colours and shapes that make up the organelles and exaggerated the colours and designs. These are initial ideas that immediately came to mind when looking at images of the organelles

design idea for the endoplasmic reticulum 

design idaa for the nucleous

cytoplasm design sketch


  1. wow - love that third sketch. It comes across as very viscous and atmospheric.

  2. I love the depth created in the first picture. The nucleus design is very strong, i think. Perhaps make it glow, or some way to emphasize that it's running the show? (If this fits into the design, anyway) :D amazing!!

    1. Thank you Lucy! Yeahh good idea i'll try and figure out how to make it glow :)

  3. Exciting!!! Very otherworldly :)