Monday, 28 October 2013

Character: Developed ideas

Character design development


During an alternate universe in present day where different countries take on different mythological values(?). World looks like ancient Greece combined with futuristic place with androids , robots, long pipes etc. 

Technology to create robot-creature hybrids with the powers of mythical creatures to use to defend city, be an attraction to people or even do jobs in places of humans. 

Government leader wants to take that technology and use it to eradicate other cities and take over with his/her own people and machines. Creating a word war. He /she has already begun to make small enhancements over years to them self as protection in an attempt to make them more powerful.

Hero is leader of a rebel group living in a city far from the government city. He/She believes a God told them that he/she must stop the tyrant using his machines against him. 

Character Ideas
Hero: Rebel Leader
Sidekick: Cyborg Greek Mythological creation rewired/reprogrammed to support rebel group

Villain: Tyrant who was put in power to rule the country, who began a major world war. 

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