Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Story ideas

Unused story ideas for Narrative project. 

1. Anne Frank inspired story –

 • Point of view of animals e.g. mice crawling through holes in wood etc.

•  Following Anne and family in the house,

• Mice go from frank room through hole in wood into the front of the building
to see Nazis coming in to find them

• Cut to another mouse or the same mouse or something traveling or something to
Aushwitz to see the diary .

• Diary becomes a museum made up of the pages from the diary etc for the mice/animals and remains until present day [preserved in a mouse hole]

2. Moulin rouge kind of thing. 

Opens in a theatre as if it’s a film being shown in black and white, turn to colour
later? (lamp is the projector screen)

Story about a Hollywood actress during the war, and her sister. The sister is living in
[London] where the war is on. The actress is in Hollywood filming something (or is a
dancer or singer or something) .The sister and actress have sent each other letters,.
The last one maybe is important and the actress tosses aside or just ignores this
one letter,. Then cutting from actress acting and being glamorous and the sisters
home being bombed. (Bomb is the lamp at the end –or- the projector again)

3. Story of two children in the garden
Relationship between two children. Or a child and adult etc. One of the children’s
family has no money and cant buy rations. So he sits in the garden . the neighbor
throws an orange over the fence to the boy after hearing him sad or something.
Each day the neighbor tosses over a different fruit /throws over one extra fruit each
day, so 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

The boy discovers that the neighbor is a Nazi soldier or something ….who is hiding
in the house to escape the Nazi duties.

Boy and Soldier exchange smiles ...

4. Animal story 

•Following two mice or –cockroaches (cause they are known for surviving bombings
etc.) during ww2 . 
•love story sort of thing, two animals travel through holes,
streets, trenches, etc to meet eachother, and they finally meet . (as cockroaches)
we see an army boot step on them when they are together, and when it lifts we see
them alive still .......

5. Boy and toys
collects bits of scrap metal and shrapnel each day on the beach.
•boy daydreams about what is beyond the town he knows and is used to
• We see him go into a shed/into the family air raid shelter
 •Eventually we see he has been building a .. (tree/plant/natural thing ) or (a toy plane) 
•plane idea: He then gets in it and daydreams that he is flying over a pretty, green town with lots of plantlife ; utopia


6. Cartoon slapstick ideas

• Hitler attempting to give one of his speeches to german children ...? 
  • Things keep stopping him e.g. A giant safe falling on top of him
  • Distractions keep taking the attention away from hitler and onto the thing (e.g. Safe has money?)
  • Eventually hitler is reduced to having piano teeth 
  • Finally mob of [children] run on top of him to grab the [money] [sweets] and go away happily without any knowledge of hitler
  • Cartoon circle ending bit

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