Friday, 7 February 2014

Adaptation A: Final Infographic & Art Of

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  1. Feedback;

    A fun Terry Gilliam inspired infographic with a good use of sound effects (it made me smile). However, I took a poll by showing your infographic to several people and the general consensus was that they ‘laughed but didn’t understand it’. - In each case they follow your narrative up until the battle on the bridge but after that they became confused (me too). I think this is due to several factors, firstly a slightly ‘left field’ topic which is not easily understood and secondly a misunderstanding around infographics and their difference to animated shorts. In simplistic terms the goal of an infographic is to depict information in clear visual terms not to tell stories in the classical sense (animated short). However your work is a mix of both methodologies and as a result neither tells the story nor conveys the information fully. A clear explanation was needed as opposed to a narrative depiction.

    For Adaptation Part B and future work.

    The problems with the infographic are born out of simply misunderstanding what you are making and why (it’s not your talent). That is always a sign of ‘disconnection’ from your class, the course, and the wider world. To address these problems you need to be a bigger presence in the University and on the course. Work in the base room sometimes, look at blogs, and talk to other classmates / year groups about their work. Simply put, we need to see much more of you to be able to help you achieve your potential.