Thursday, 20 February 2014

Adaptation: initial drawings

Ive narrowed down some key information in the Little Mermaid extracts, roughly on a sheet of paper to focus on the details of the environment. Below are some initial drawings of a few plants, and other things in the world . Soon to make larger sheets of drawings for each description .


  1. Hi Vikki :)

    Hmmm - it does seem as if you're thumbnails aren't helping you very much - and perhaps this is because you're trying to do everything at once. It might help you to think in a more 'Lego' way - i.e. that you identify sections of this environment about which you feel more readily inspired. For example, you might want to think about the 'highest' element of the place - the turret or minarets or dome - or think about the most important zone - the queen's quarter or similar. For example, the most important, most lavish area might derive from the most rare or special sea-shell shape, or be inspired by the most beautiful of fish or most expensive of coral-types. My point is that you might feel happier assembling your environment from a series of smaller design decisions - where you identify a production design logic deriving from ideas of use or function or inhabitant - and then think about bring those elements together in a final scene. Indeed, have you though of take the 'coral reef' as your architectural inspiration - i.e. a community of dwellings that are different, but combined?

    You might also need to think a bit more like an architect: so check these out for some further inspiration:

    You might also enjoy looking at 'membrane architecture' or 'tensile architecture' for further inspiration in terms of organic + structure.

    In the simplest terms - I also suggest you just look at sea shells as starting points for some of your principle buildings:

    And for further inspiration, how about looking at Gaudi:'s_Casa_Batllo,_Barcelona,_Spain_(IMG_5380a).jpg

    Don't get too 'intellectual' about it, Vikki - just think organic + structure in the first instance - and don't re-invent the wheel - using shell shapes as a start point would be a great place to start - and will give you more interesting architecture in an instant! :)

    1. Ahh thank you Phil i will work more on this now :)

  2. Hi - please complete the survey and then leave a 'done it' comment on the ISS post: see link:

    Many thanks!