Sunday, 3 February 2013

Script update

Sript updated, with a new story and character. i've not made this into a scribd document yet, in case changes need to be made. 

Scene 1. Ext. London. Day.  
wide establishing shot of a street of shops in London, a familiar building, tower of London, can be seen in the distance. Camera Zooms in towards a shop wall, where we see a ‘Wanted’ poster with the main character, BONNIE REED on it. Camera pans 90 degrees to face the road, and we see BONNIE storming down the road. 

2. BONNIE Picks up a bottle from the floor, and sees that it is empty, and throws it away. She pulls out her gun and looks up at a shop in front of her; the wooden sign reads ‘Jacob’s Wine Cellar’. She walks into the shop. 

  1. Int. Wine Merchants shop. Continuous
A wine Merchant is walking out of a wine cellar over to the cashiers desk. BONNIE stands and aims her gun at the wine merchant. The camera zooms towards him, where he drops the boxes and puts his hands up. Camera zooms out to show BONNIE walk into the cellar. 

  1. INT. Cellar. Continuous
BONNIE walks down the stairs. We see an overhead shot of the room, showing the many barrels of wine in the room. 

FADE IN. 5. Continuous
WE fade in to see BONNIE sitting on the floor in a drunken manner, pointing her gun at the door whilst finishing off a bottle. She throws it down, into a pile of wine bottles on the floor next to her. She loses her grip of the gun also, and drops her head. Camera Zooms to a close up shot of her face. Her eyes roll, and she shuts her eyes. 

  1. Dream sequence
 Her eyes then open, to show the eyes swirling. Camera turns to face the other side of the room, to show her perspective. The room has turned a dumb-esque 'pink elephants' design, with white outline around objects, etc. The wine bottles are a brighter green. Colours are generally more cartoon like compared to the colours previously. BONNIE stands up, and takes a few steps forward. 

6.Camera faces BONNIE. She reaches out towards the camera. Below her feet, the ground opens up. She looks down, where a shovel is next to the hole. BONNIE falls through the hole. 

Cut to Black

7.Cut back, where we see BONNIE close up. Camera Zooms out to show she is balanced upon a very large wooden platform. The platform moves in a similar way to a seesaw. On the other end, is a smaller hangman’s platform with a noose dangling from it. Her ‘wanted’ poster is stuck to it. This end of the platform tips down, causing BONNIE to slide towards it. 

8.Camera cuts to a mid-shot of BONNIE. A large shovel falls into the wood behind her, causing her to fling her arms from fright. 

9.The Shovel is pulled out from the wood, by a giant silhouetted figure. Camera zooms out to show the silhouetted GRAVEDIGGER character. The platform drops into the ground, leaving BONNIE falling down and directly into a hole in the ground. The hole is shaped like a grave. Camera follows her as she falls through. She stands up, and looks up. 

10.Cut to BONNIE’S perspective, where we see the GRAVEDIGGER begins to fill the grave by shoveling dirt into the hole. 

11.Camera cuts back to reveal her expression; mouth opened wide and hands on face. 

12.Cut back to: Bonnies perspective. One last shovel of dirt is dropped onto the camera.
Cut to black

  1. INT. CELLAR. Continuous
BONNIE wakes up from her previous state, where she was sitting in the cellar. She looks around, and we see her realise that it was merely a dream. She picks up her gun, and throws it across the room. 

Fade to: INT. Wine merchants shop. Evening
Bonnie walks out of the cellar with her head hanging down. She walks over to the cashiers desk where the merchant has now left (hidden). She reaches into her pocket and places a few coins onto the counter.
Camera cuts to behind Bonnie, where we see her walk towards the shop door, sunset light peering through. 

Fade to white.  

The end

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