Thursday, 21 February 2013

Unit 3 Creative Partnership

To Anass

I like the lighting in this :) 

the silhouettes really show how your characters emotions, especially like those drawings on page 1, (i like the 6th one the best !) keep it up :

these are cool, number 2 kind of reminds me of pyramid head :) keep it up

Hey I like the ideas you have here such as the ghost haunting him and spooking him, and i really like his backstory making him full of regret and fear.

About the matches, yeah maybe do like Joey has suggested and so the character uses a match to light a candle and drops it to cause a fire :)

hey anass, this sounds like a very cool combination, I like the idea of a suspenseful and psychological story, i can see some kind of chase scene going on, or something :)

From Anass

I am loving the style Vikki, the colour palette which goes with the era and communicates the mood of the nightmare, keep it up 

I love these, the mark making rlly nice

Hey Vikki, that's a very interesting combination and I like how you have decided to change the mood of it as the grave digger usually refers to unpleasant stuff. keep it up

wow first one is amazing, the lines rlly captured the essence of the pose

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