Monday, 21 January 2013

From script to Screen: current story idea

So far, my current idea is:

•Part 1: The gravedigger is out working in the cemetery digging a grave. It is clear he is intoxicated by his movement. It starts to rain and he runs off into the church cellar nearby, where he finds a stash of booze on the shelves. Grabbing bottles frantically, he becomes clumsy and drops some, and so whist looking away, starts grabbing another bottle from the shelf.

Edit: I've also thought about making the bottle have something to lure him in, rather than him just picking it up by chance. similarly to the "eat me" "drink me" notes on the food and drink in Alice in Wonderland. I think this could make sense, if he's already intoxicated.
•Part 2: After drinking the bottle, he immediately begins to hallucinate, where he drops through a grave, and onto a platform of bottles, barrels, etc. on one side. He struggles to keep his balance, and tries to reach for the end with the wine, etc. The bottles soon move to reveal a large coffin. the coffin knocks him on the ground, and opens up to reveal the gravedigger's fate; his own self buried in the coffin.

•Part 3: After becoming shocked by what he saw, the sequence ends, and everything becomes empty with no environment (?), and we see the bottle that he was drinking beforehand roll away, which we discover to be in fact a bottle of poison.

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