Thursday, 10 January 2013

From Script to screen: notes


  1. Hello Vikki! :D

    I like your three words you've chosen - you've got lucky! It might be a bit biased though, considering it most of the time is a dingy combination with a spooky storyline to go with it. But you can make it happy and jolly!
    The grave digger could be a burglar and want to dig up bones to try and sell or something, finds a map where a major treasure is in a cellar and a seesaw and net are the booby traps!?
    Or you could be quite disturbing and make the grave digger a Necrophiliac? *cringe* :P

    Nice start! :)

    1. hey Vicky! ooh thats a cool idea :D it's hard trying to come up with a not so morbid storyline with this combo xD good luck with yours! :)