Monday, 28 January 2013

From Script to Screen: Outlaw influence map and ideas, bio, etc. #2

I've looked up a list of popular 18th century female names, and made up a list of names which might fit the character. So far, I've been thinking of Bonnie Reed - a cross between Anne Bonny and Mary Read, two famous pirates who worked alongside Calico Jack in the 18th century. 

(To show her name, i think i'd start off the animation by showing a wanted poster of her.)

I've made up another influence map to show possible hairstyles, some more clothing and colour schemes i could use for her. Again, some are quite pirate-y, though i was thinking about mixing a pirate look with the highwayman look, but hopefully without making it too confusing as to who she is (Outlaw/Thief).

Another example of a female highwayman - From a
 Black Adder episode 'Amy and Amiability' 

Bonnie Reed (name for now) sketch and Bio and backstory

Bio is loosely inspired by the Calico Jack, Anne Bonny and Mary Read pirate trio.

Name (so far): Bonnie Reed
Age: 22
Favourite drink: Gin
Hometown: London
Character traits: adventurous, confident, Hopeless Romantic, tough and powerful, skilled in thievery, with weapons, and always wins in a drinking contest. Loves to wear lavish things, but refuses to pay for them. 

So far, i think the character should have had a previous life at sea, where she has stolen countless goods from other ships, and likes to target wealthy people. After a lot of experience in piracy and robbery, she meets a pair of highwaymen, one male and one female. She trio get together and work as highwaymen.

One of the ways she gets through the day is drinking. The gin craze is ongoing, and her thievery skills mean that it is easy for her to grab a few bottles from the locals, or public houses. 

One of the fellow thieves was one of which she developed an attraction and soon a love for. They spent years together, in love. Soon [Bonnie] discovered that [fellow female highwayman] and [highwayman] were secretly having an affair. Filled with anger, [Bonnie] takes off and in a fit of rage, storms the streets of London, and acting on impulse, starts to raid shops. 'Wanted' posters of her and the trio don't help her mood.. (And the story will begin from this point, where she raids a wine merchant for booze.)

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  1. Hey Vikki,

    Your heroine is taking shape, but please don't forget to take a look at all the character design resources on myUCA/Learning Materials, and also visit the UCA library, which has loads of useful guides to this process. I want to see 'design' not just 'drawing' - and there's a difference. Likewise, when you come to storyboard, use the storyboarding resources. I want lots of evidence that you've drilled into the discipline to get the very most out of your story idea...

    oh - and let's see the film reviews on here, Vikki - you know what happens if you save them up for that last impossible week of a project; don't do it to yourself; get up-to-date and do it now; treat every week like a week with deadlines; honestly, in the end it's the only way to be properly successful (and healthy!).